Single-layer & Double-chamber Solar Panel Laminator


Single-layer & double-chamber solar panel laminator has one loading stage, one heating laminating stage, one cooling laminating stage, and one unloading stage.


Vacuum System and Heating System of Single-layer & Double-chamber PV Module Laminator

Vacuum System


The main component of the vacuum system is the EBRO valve. The upper chamber inflation speed is adjustable.


This system is intelligently controlled by a solenoid valve and PLC, touch screen operation and data display, and equipped with a mechanical vacuum pressure gauge and vacuum pressure sensor to display and monitor the vacuum in the chamber in real-time.


The lamination stage is also equipped with a Pirani meter to more accurately display and monitor the vacuum state of the laminating stage.


Heating System


The heating plate adopts the processed mesoporous plate, and the flatness is ≤ 250um/㎡. The heating medium is heating oil.


The entire heating system (including the hot oil pipeline) is fully insulated, which greatly reduces heat loss and saves energy.


The selected manufacturer of the thermal oil furnace has the national TS qualification, the performance is safe and reliable.


Equipment Configuration of Single-layer & Double-chamber PV Module Laminator

Main components:


Loading stage


First laminating stage


Second laminating stage


Unloading stage


Vacuum pumps


Heating station