Skid Loader Truck Tires Tutorial

It’s a common knowledge that tires of trucks can be classified as using an inner tube and tubeless, today I will introduce how to skid loader tires for sale for a tire with an inner tube.


1. Steps for removing a tire using a tube manually

1) Put the tire on the ground horizontally, keeping its valve upward. Then, remove the valve cup and the valve core, and blow the tube off completely;


2) Use a tube spanner to knock along the edge of bead toe to make it fall off;


3) Use a professional removal tool to clamp the retaining snap ring, and use the other side of the tool to clamp the rim bolt socket.


4) Insert the retaining snap ring removal rod, remove one side of the retaining snap ring and then prise it.


5) Focus on the valve and avoid damaging it during the process;


6) Find a small steel ring and press the tire on the ring hard, which makes it easy to separate rims from tires;


7) Take off the inner tube and cushion belt, and place all parts properly.


2. Steps for installing a tire using a tube manually

1) Select appropriate rims and tires and pay attention to the size of them. Then, clean the rims (NOTICE: Crud and rusting on bulge of rims may lead to air leaking or damage the bead);


2) Put the rim on the ground horizontally, keeping the retaining snap ring upward, and smear lubricate;


3) Make sure the inside of the tire is dry and there is no dust or sand, and make sure the valve is installed correctly. Then, smear talcum powder on the inside of the tire evenly.


4) Tighten the screw for the valve of inner tube with a wrench;


5) Unfold and clean the inner tube carefully, and the valve should be folded up into outer tire with the valve keeping upward;


6) Take off the valve core with the key, and inflate the inner tube properly to ensure the tire to be fully unfolded so that the installation of the cushion belt can be easier;


7) Smear talcum powder on the cushion belt evenly to prevent the inner tube adhering to the cushion belt during the use of the tire;


8) Install the cushion belt carefully to make it flat without pleats;


9) Keep the valve of the inner tube upward and put the tire on the rim obliquely. After that, put valve into the valve slot of the rim;


10) Combine the tire with the rim with the help of crowbar, and start to circle around  the pressure ring from the joint of the retaining snap ring and press the ring on the rim hard;


11) Inflate the tire in the safety cage;


12) Install the valve firmly with the special key of the valve core;


13) Use a watering can to spray the valve set and the joint of rim flange and tire lip to check the tightness. Finally, install the valve cap back into the valve of tire and confirm the tightening;


14) Clean up water mark and lubricate on the whole wheel.




1. Don’t operate the tire if the pressure is not discharged completely;


2. Put feet on the pressure ring to prevent accidental injury caused by the bounce of the pressure ring during the process. If several steel rings are constructed simultaneously, please place them in order to classify different pressure rings and hubs.


Well, today’s tutorial of skid loader tires for sale for truck’s tire using an inner tube is over, do you learn something from it?