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SMC Antenna Reflector Mould

The satellite earth antenna is the important earth satellite equipment to collect the weak signal from satellite and reduce noise to the lowest level within its ability. The traditional materials for satellite antenna are iron or aluminium. But the better properties of SMC material can boost the accuracy of satellite antenna. The good performance of SMC antenna is comparable to a metal one.


Features of SMC antenna

(1) High precision, high efficiency, and high gain.

The design of SMC antenna mold takes consideration of shrinkage ratio of the material and molding shrinkage rate, so the SMC antenna reflective surface has a smaller shape from the original design paraboloid after molding. SMC antenna comes with small reflective surface.

(2) Corrosion resistance

SMC is non-metal dielectric composite material, has good acid resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance.

(3) long life

The service life of SMC molded antennas is generally more than 15 years; PROMLIN’s prototype SMC molded antennas in 1985 are still working normally, and they have been subject to typhoons and heavy rain every year.

(4) Strong wind resistance

The design of antenna adopts multiple longitudinal and circumferential rib structures. It can withstand a wind load of 45 m/s.

(5) Special reflective layer technology

A metal aluminum mesh is applied on the reflective surface, which can reflect electromagnetic waves and insulate the atmosphere, and plays a good protective role.

(6) Good consistency, no deformation, easy to transport and install

Membrane pressure technology adopted delivers good consistency, no deformation, and make it easy to transport and install.


SMC antenna mold specification

Product name

SMC Satellite Dish Antenna Mould

Product Material


Mould cavity

L+R/1+1 etc

Mould life

500, 000 times

Mould testing

All of the moulds can be well tested before the shipments

Shaping Mode

Pressure mold


Design of SMC antenna

Draft angle: draft angle should be enough to allow smooth demoulding without damage.

Round angle: Stress is prone to accumulate the the right angle. A round angle can not only disperse stress, but also give a aesthetic touch, and serves as protection in quenching and working.


Quality Control Procedures for SMC Antenna Mould

Inspect steel hardness and dimension

Inspect Electrodes

Inspect dimension of parts

Inspect before assembly

Inspect trial report and samples

Inspect before shipment


Custom Service for SMC Antenna

Meet your specific needs

Experts and technicians available to give professional advice on your custom needs

Optimized quality possible


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