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Flange Molding

Flanged joint is the main connection method in pipeline construction. Compared to thermoplastic, thermoset composite can be reprocessed. With high insulating properties, Insulated flange is widely applied in petroleum and chemical and other industries. Flange molding is injection and pressure molded, delivering consistent quality.


Advantages of SMC/BMC Flanges

Insulation property required by buried pipeline

Long-term stable performance under hard conditions

High strength and airtightness

Simple structure, easy to assembly, dismount and change parts

Corrosion free


SMC Flange Moulding

Reduce human factor to a minimum in production

Compression molding shortens the delivery time and produce constant quality

Well-suited for mass production of small diameter flanges


Flange Molding Surface Treatment

Outer surface is smooth and precise, needing no machining.

Interior surface can be machined according to requirements.


Flange Molding Specifications


Based on requirements


Custom and depending on requirements

Pressure rating


Operation Temperature

Depending on molding


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