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Solar Landscape Light is mainly used in areas such as villas, business parks, gardens, courtyards, parks, etc.


Our powerful solar lights for landscape are divided into landscape street Light, landscape lawn light, landscape trail light, solar landscape lighting for trees, etc. The functions of various solar powered landscape spotlights are also different. For example,the solar landscape lighting for trees with warm white solar landscape lights or colored solar landscape lights is mainly used for lighting trees in scenic spots, parks, etc., and the appearance is beautiful or classic, and it is integrated with the natural environment. It is also a scenic line in itself. Our company provides differrent sizes of the product powered by solar landscape spotlights, such as small solar landscape lights or tall solar landscape lights.


Landscape Lawn Light is mainly used in gardens, parks, villas, grasslands, and other areas, which has small solar landscape lights and tall solar landscape lights for you to choose. The main function is to decorate, embellish, and integrate with the natural environment, and use lights to set off the beautiful scenery. In addition, there are so many colored solar landscape lights supported by our solar power system factorythat you can choose the colour according to your purpose. we recommend the green solar landscape lights being intergrated with the natural envirment, which makes people relaxed.


Landscape Trail Lights is mainly used to install on both sides of walking trails in parks, courtyards, villas, etc. This type of outdoor solar lights bulk are both beautiful and can be illuminated. The solar landscape spotlight is mostly soft to set off the scene and increase the atmosphere. The waterproof requirements of solar landscape spotlights are high, it needs to reach IP65 or above. Various colored solar landscape lights are offered, such as warm white solar landscape lights or green solar landscape lights.


All solar powered landscape spotlights of Second Sun have verification reports such as IP65/IP66/IP67, and the quality of quality solar landscape lighting is reliable and guaranteed.