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WiFi Network Solution for Business

Wi-Fi solutions for businesses enable users to access the company’s internal network and Internet to work at any time through the wireless network. The wireless internet solutions for business with business wireless router can also resolve the issues of the wired networks such as access restrictions, cumbersome hardware maintenance work, multiple lines, and weak mobility, etc. As a professional manufacturer of wireless Wi-Fi network routers for small and large businesses, Ceres is able to provide different kinds of enterprise/corporate/business/office Wi-Fi solutions.


WiFi Network Solutions for Home

Nowadays home architectural patterns are quite different and there are many walls and obstacles in the house. It is difficult for a traditional single router network to achieve 100% strong signal coverage of the whole house. And with the development of smart home devices, there are more good and powerful wifi routers for small and large home use. The demand for home network router has become obvious and significant from many aspects such as more terminal wireless access point controller for home, wider wireless coverage, higher internet speed, more stable wireless experience, and so on. As the leading wifi router supplier, we not only supply the most secure wifi router for home use but also provide wifi coverage solutions for the whole big home.


Custom WiFi Module

Ceres customized pin WIFI network module is widely used in industry, home, data acquisition, and other fields. As a profissional wireless network manufacturer, we can meet your any requirement. If you want to buy custom wireless routers, please contact us.


WiFi Network Solutions for Campus

In order to meet the wireless coverage needs of schools, Ceres provides a set of “economical, convenient, stable, and safe” campus Wi-Fi solutions, which can provide different WLAN coverage for different target areas. As one of the best wireless network companies, we have more than ten-year experience in wifi solutions for teachers/students in schools/campuses/universities/colleges. If you have a demand for wireless networks for study and learning on campus, please feel free to contact us. The topology of Ceres typical wireless campus coverage scheme is as follows:


WiFi Network Solution for Hospital

As the clinic has become informationalized, the healthcare Wi-Fi solutions for hospital clinics are significate and necessary for vital sign data collection, medical care data query, and entry, call communication, etc., to make full use of the medical information system and play the advantage of digital hospital technology. Hospital wireless network design for healthcare and clinics can also improve patients’ satisfaction with hospital services.