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WiFi Network Solution for Business

Wi-Fi solutions for businesses enable users to access the company’s internal network and Internet to work at any time through the wireless network. The wireless internet solutions for business with business wireless router can also resolve the issues of the wired networks such as access restrictions, cumbersome hardware maintenance work, multiple lines, and weak mobility, etc. As a professional manufacturer of wireless Wi-Fi network routers for small and large businesses, Ceres is able to provide different kinds of enterprise/corporate/business/office Wi-Fi solutions.

AC: Responsible for the unified management of all APs, including AP plug and play, channel intelligent switching, automatic power adjustment, load balancing, fast roaming, device connection, and user connection. Support WI-FI network automatic operation and maintenance, intelligent probe function.


AP: The wireless physical access layer, where all APs share a single or multiple SSIDs, which can implement load balancing and roaming of wireless network traffic.


Enterprise Wi-Fi Router: Flexible to deploy in the branch office, set up a VPN connection to visit headquarters.


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