Spotlight Company From China-Tips For Choosing Hunting Spotlights


If you are a serious hunter, you want all your gear to be the best, from the weapon of your choice to your light. It is not enough to buy only random spotlights. Hunting is a chance game, but it is also a skill game to a large extent, so having the right spotlight is a key part of your success.

  Spotlight Company from China      have proposed four main factors to consider when choosing the right spotlight: power supply, installation type and light color.

  Power: wired and battery powered

  The two main types of power for hunting spotlights are 12V and rechargeable batteries.

  The wired device is connected to the 12V power supply via a cigarette adapter and allows for illumination without wasting any battery life. Since these spotlights must always be connected to a power source to operate, they will be used in vehicles, boats, ATVS or other similar 12V DC power supplies. Although the illumination is constant, since the cord length of the 12V spotlight is usually no more than 10 feet, mobility is limited, so they are usually kept in the installed position.

  Rechargeable battery powered spotlights are typically powered by lithium-ion batteries. These spotlights are very flexible and suitable for hunters who work on foot. However, they only provide illumination for a period of time, about 2-3 hours, and charging takes 3-4 hours, so they are best for shorter outing times.

  In addition, the spotlight includes a 12V compatible and rechargeable battery for hunters who need more flexibility.

  Installation: Handheld and permanent / temporary

  The second thing to consider when buying a hunting light is what type of bracket you need: hand-held, permanent or temporary.

  Pocket PC

  Handheld spotlights are probably the most popular choice because they provide maximum mobility and allow the operator to move the light anywhere without having to spend time adjusting the stand. You need a lightweight spotlight with a non-slip, ergonomic grip that ensures comfort even in wet weather. A handheld device with a locking option can maintain the brightness of the indicator without the need to keep pressing the switch, adding another layer of comfort and eliminating the “stroboscopic” effect.

  Permanent or temporary installation

  For hunters who use 12V power or most of the hunting vehicles, the spotlights installed may be the best choice. Permanently mounted spotlights are screw-in fixtures for vehicles, boats or ATVs. Temporary spotlights are usually mounted magnetically, allowing the operator to remove them at any time. Magnetic spotlights typically have a comfortable handle as a hand-held replacement. All installed spotlights have some form of tilt and rotation that allows the operator to adjust the beam as needed. These adjustments can be made via a double ball joint, a spindle or even a long distance remote control.

  Spotlight bulb color

  Once you have chosen the type of spotlight you need, you will need to decide the color of the light. For some types of animals, different colors are better and may include: red, green, white and infrared.


  Red hunting lights are most commonly used for coyotes and for wild boars. Red tones are more subtle than others, so it’s unlikely to eclipse or create shadows on your prey. Although most animals are completely color-blind, they can see grayscale, while white light in the beam is more pronounced than low-intensity red. The red light will not destroy the night vision of the person, so there is no need to adjust the eyes. This is not only an ideal choice for observation activities, but also an ideal choice for hunters’ physical safety.

  The disadvantage of using a red beam is that it is not easy for the human eye to see this color, so it does not seem to “go” so far. This makes red a better choice for short-distance hunting.


  Green light is the most common color used for hunting wild boars, although it can be used for coyotes and foxes. The main advantage of using green is that the human eye can see it more easily, so it looks brighter and farther, then reaches red, which makes it ideal for long distance hunting. In addition, green lights can only be seen when animals are directly in front of them, so lighting them for side shots should not scare them.

  The biggest problem with green is that this color is stronger than red, so animals look brighter and may scare them. It is not as effective as red in preserving human night vision.


  White beams are not commonly used for predators to hunt, simply because they are too bright and do not benefit hunters in stealth. Some methods use hunters to use white light, such as the “halo” method, but the white beams are noticeable and their damage to human night vision often makes them the most inferior light colors.


  Infrared technology is increasing speed for night hunters. Invisible to the naked eye, humans and animals, this completely eliminates the possibility of scaring animals with light. This provides extra security for hunters and the most secret hunt when paired with night vision equipment. Since light colors no longer function, infrared is the best choice for serious night hunters.


  Blu-ray was not mentioned at first because it was not used to actually hunt prey, but as a tool at the end of the hunt. Blue light picks up blood and makes it easier to find your killing after running into the woods. It can also pick up ink and can be used to read maps or other writing in the dark.

  Spotlights are an indispensable device for night hunters that can succeed or break hunting. When buying a spotlight, make sure you get the best hunting every time by making the right choices.

  I hope that the information you read will highlight the features you are looking for in the spotlight and which features are best for your application.