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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

What To Expect: Custom

SNIMAY stands for exceptional quality, for diversity and service, reliability, and continuity. Good is not good enough for us. We want to be better than average. That applies to the materials we use and also to conceptual work, technology, and design. With foresight and vision, our management makes sure that we abide by these standards.


About Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

How much are stainless steel kitchen cabinet?

$750-$1000 per custom stainless steel kitchen cabinet, not including installation, which also tends to be more expensive than wood cabinets. The cost can get much higher depending on what you choose.


Benefits of stainless steel kitchen cabinet

Cleaning is easy to do. Stainless steel doesn’t require much cleaning. While your home environment does determine the frequency of your maintenance, all your stainless steel requires is a soft cloth and clean water. Once you’ve wiped down your cabinets, simply wipe them dry for that shiny look you love.

Durability is a key aspect. Stainless steel is invaluable in its durability. Your cabinets won’t stain, contain odors, fade, discolor, or rust, so besides some regular cleaning, you can enjoy your stainless steel for as long as you want.

Kids won’t get sick. Stainless steel resists germs due to its non-porous nature, so curious children won’t have as much exposure to harmful bacteria.</p><p>Your kitchen’s beauty will increase. If contemporary is what you want for your kitchen, then stainless steel can help. Whether you like the look of a commercial kitchen or stainless steel’s shiny, reflective surface, you can enjoy a beautiful kitchen with stainless steel.