Steel Structure/Construction/Factory

Steel structure application:

Now the construction industry also needs a lot of galvanized sheets to make ventilation pipes. A medium-sized building needs more than 25000 square meters, with a total of nearly 200 tons of various specifications, not counting the loss in the process of processing. There are many large projects to be rebuilt in China or Beijing, and the demand is very large. Specifically, the manufacturer that needs galvanized sheet is a ventilation company.


Color steel plate has the following four advantages:

The color steel plate like PPGI colour coated sheet has advantages of lightweight, convenient for transportation, and easy installation, it can save the construction period.


Environmental protection and saving. The movable house made of color steel plate can be reused, which is not only environmental protection but also money-saving, no pollution, and no noise.


High strength, due to the steel structure, our color coated steel has strong bearing capacity, compression, and bending resistance.


The surface is smooth and easy to clean, the surface of purified color galvanized steel sheet is not rough, the anti-corrosion period is long, and it is suitable for reuse.