Metal Building Facades

Metal building facades application:

In recent years, light steel structures are widely used in residential buildings, mobile houses, industrial plants, warehouses, and other industrial and civil buildings. The light steel structure with profiled steel plate exterior wall enclosure structure and profiled steel plate roof can reduce the self-weight of the metal building home, the main load-bearing materials can also be reduced, the workload of the whole project can be greatly reduced, the construction progress can be further accelerated, and good comprehensive economic benefits can be achieved. From the perspective of architectural aesthetics, profiled steel plate with its simple and beautiful shape, rich and colorful colors and the flexible combination provides favorable conditions for expressing different architectural styles, beautifying and coordinating urban and rural environment.


Profiled steel sheets can be divided into color profiled steel sheets and galvanized profiled steel sheets according to the production process, and can be processed into V-shape, U-shape, trapezoidal or similar shapes according to the actual needs of the project. We provide the best material of customized GL for your needs.


Profiled steel sheet is mostly used as roof panel and exterior wall panel in house facade design of industrial and civil metal buildings such as industrial plant and warehouse. It’s significant to choose the products with good gi colour coated sheet price. Welcom to make an inquiry to Easteel.


The properties of profiled steel sheet are as follows:

Coated steel coil of the profiled is lightweight, heat insulation, sound insulation, reduce building energy consumption.


The profiled steel sheet is used as the outer wall panel, which can be directly used as the surface layer or decorative layer instead of the plastering layer, so as to reduce the wet operation on-site and improve the operating environment.


Profiled steel plate construction is fast, convenient, saving steel, low cost, high strength, low maintenance cost.


After the profiled steel plate is installed, the joint connection is reliable, which can meet the seismic intensity of 8.


Profiled steel sheet is easy to process, light in structure, simple in process, beautiful, and practical in appearance, which can simplify the process.