The Last Conspiracy

-Realism based on structure will be constrained by the surrounding environment and the interaction between independent individuals. We pretend to be citizens of Chengdu, calm and contemptuous, calmly immersed in our inner reflection. The reality is that human beings are still lonely tramps, comfortably equipped with expectations of tailoring. THE LAST CONSPIRACY aims to manufacture high-quality and practical craftsman shoes; create a design that can withstand the test of time; possess or become a unique sense of history. Every pair of shoes manufactured by THE LAST CONSPIRACY is handmade-craftsmen pay close attention to details and try to establish a spiritual connection between themselves and the wearer on the material level. This is the vivid background formed by the continuous dialogue between Portuguese handicraft and Nordic minimalism. Each collection of THE LAST CONSPIRACY is based on experimental projects. They constantly use new crafts and new production processes; adhering to the concept of cobbler at the head and design studio as the supplement. THE LAST CONSPIRACY is an explorer who exists for modern wanderers.