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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

With 20 years of R&D experience in UPS industry, SCU uninterruptible power supply manufacturer provides 6KVA to 900KVA UPS products that are highest levels of availability, reliability and efficiency. Cover applications from IT rooms through to large data centers and industrial plant.


Wide power range & Support lithium & lead acid battery

Launched the modular UPS in 2003, SCU uninterruptible power supply company launched 15KVA, 30KVA,50KVA, 75KVA UPS power module and 30-900KVA UPS system in succession with more reliable function and higher power density. SCU UPS supplier developed lithium ion UPS which is applied for battery energy storage system, supporting lithium ion battery and lead acid battery.


Professional R&D team creats reliable product

SCU ups wholesale has a technical team with more than 30 years of R & D experience and strict quality management system. Each process is strictly controlled to realize industrialization, standardization, specialization and modularization of production.


Provide customized and flexible solution

SCU UPS manufacturer can make customized solutions for all kinds of special applications, such as customized uninterruptible power supply products and ups electrical devices,based on standardization, meet different functional requirements of customers, improve response speed, ensure safety and reliability, and maximize benefits. Its application fields cover communication, transportation, manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical industries, covering more than 50 countries and regions in the world.


What is the difference between UPS and inverter?

Inverter is a current conversion device, which can converts DC to AC. Need use it along with DC power source. You can find it in car, works like a car-mounted power source, converts DC to AC, charge your electronics, mobile phone, computer etc.

While uninterrupted power supply ups can work like a back up power source, it converts utility power from AC to DC , provides DC current to battery for storage, when utility power fails, power stored in the battery will be discharged to supply the equipment.The uninterruptible power supply guards your equipment, and gives you protection for power failure.


What does an uninterruptible power supply do?

UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply) provides clean, stable and the uninterruptible power supply to load equipment. Normally UPS converts AC power from Utility to DC for charging the connected battery. When the utility power fails, ups electrical device works like backup power, UPS will switch to battery mode, inverts DC to AC power and continue to run the equipment. During the battery back up time, it gives you time to save data from computer or in data center, if your UPS is connected with enough big battery, it can keep running until the main power is back.

SCU online ups double conversion modular UPS, guarantees your equipment continuous power, solves your power problems such as black-outs, power drops and voltage surge, provides you convenience for maintenance.


How long does uninterrupted power supply last?

UPS power supply depends on the load power (kW) and battery capacity (kWH) equipped with UPS. SCU UPS system manufacturer can offer solution for back up time from minutes to hours.

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