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Tourism Chinese

Nowadays, more and more foreigners wish to learn about China, are eager to communicate with Chinese people, and are interested in traveling to China. However, due to time and conditions, many foreign visitors who wish to learn Chinese are currently unable to receive formal and systematic classroom teaching in schools; some foreigners also consider Chinese to be an ancient language that is difficult to remember and difficult to learn master. In order to solve these problems and help more foreigners with zero Chinese to learn some simple everyday phrases, we have carefully prepared a series of courses on Travel Chinese.


Travel Chinese Course Contents

The course is designed to help learners to master travel-related Chinese in a short period of time by combining Chinese travel culture and customs with words and sentence patterns that are frequently used in daily conversations in six areas: Travel, accommodation, meals, tourism, shopping, and entertainment. The course is designed to improve listening, speaking, and expression skills and is easy to learn. It is designed to help learners speak Chinese effectively in a short time and to help them realize their dream of traveling to China.


Travel Chinese Course Features


Travel Chinese selects words and sentence patterns that are frequently used in daily conversation from six aspects: Travel, accommodation, meals, tourism, shopping and entertainment. So that learners can efficiently master the most practical daily travel expressions.



Tracing the history of common Chinese characters from pictures to pictures, so that you can read and understand common Chinese characters.



“Knowledge + Culture” mode has vivid teaching scenarios and practical cultural tips so that students can learn Chinese and understand Chinese customs at the same time, and experience the differences between China and other countries.


“Knowledge + Culture” Teaching Mode of Travel Chinese

Understanding the cultural and historical connotations of Chinese characters can help with memorization.


Chinese characters are a nightmare for every Chinese learner and picture-like characters are hard to remember and quickly forgotten after rote memorization. But when traveling or living in China, we must master some common Chinese characters to avoid some difficulties and make our trip to China easy and pleasant. The literacy section of our course traces the history of the development of commonly used Chinese characters, from pictures to Chinese characters, which can be understood at a glance. Understand the meaning and development history of each Chinese character, be clear about the radical and component structure of Chinese characters, master scientific memorization methods, and ensure that every Chinese character can never be forgotten.


“Knowledge + Culture” Teaching Mode of Travel Chinese

Practical cultural tips


When greeting guests, the Chinese often say “你好” followed by “坐” and repeat it several times. When they sit at the table to eat, they say “吃,吃” over and over again. When they pour drinks for guests, they may say “请请请”. You may wonder why Chinese people repeat the same word several times as if they want to get something done quickly. In fact, what they want to do is to show their hospitality. The more they repeated, the more hospitable they felt. So don’t be confused when you hear these words. Accept their hospitality!


“Knowledge + Culture” Teaching Mode of Travel Chinese

All knowledge is based on the principles of efficiency and practicality and can be used at any time.


From six aspects of transportation, accommodation, food, traveling, shopping, and playing, the course selects words and sentence patterns that are frequently used in daily conversation, so that learners can effectively master the most practical daily tourism expressions. In the process of learning knowledge, Chinese tourism culture and customs are combined to help zero-basic Chinese learners to master daily tourism-related Chinese in a short time. Our course focuses on listening and speaking with a strong expression and is easy to learn, lively, and interesting, helping every Chinese learner to speak Chinese efficiently in a short time. Every word and sentence learned can be applied to real life. We can spend the shortest time learning the most efficient Chinese!