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Chinese Character for Enlightenment

Enlightenment of Chinese characters is suitable for children from all over the world who have little or no knowledge of Chinese. Learn Chinese through picture book stories combined with fun games. The scenario-based classroom provides a Chinese learning environment. Through ancient poems and idioms, children will experience the joy of learning while developing their overall ability to listen, speak, read and write with a true combination of interest, understanding and creativity.


Advantages for Learning Chinese Symbol For Enlightenment



Integrates literacy into stories and games, allowing learners to interact with each other to stimulate their memory, achieve better literacy results and improve their Chinese expression skills.



Through the practice of writing strokes with character features, learners can enhance their hands-on skills and help develop their left and right brains.



Learn about the cultural messages embedded in Chinese characters and the culture of Chinese, enabling students to learn the essence of traditional culture subtly.



Through amusing learning scenarios, learners’ character recognition process is carried out in observation and imagination, analysis and comparison, and associative remembering.


Intruduction of Chinese Character for Enlightenment

The course has two levels: Level 1 has 25 units, 100 lessons of 30 minutes each, with 400 Chinese words, 10 sentence patterns, 30 idioms, and 30 pronunciation exercises; Level 2 has 20 units, 100 lessons of 30 minutes each, with 500 Chinese words, 20 sentence patterns, 30 idioms, and 50 pronunciation exercises.