Usage-based Insurance


Usage-based insurance (UBI) is a type of insurance that charges insurance premiums based on driving behavior. Insurance companies can improve insurance premiums pricing policies based on users’ actual driving data. Neoway launched the OBD products and solutions that support the collection of driving behavior data for the UBI application scenarios.



Neoway independently developed the in-vehicle OBD products based on cellular communication technologies such as 2G and 4G. This product collects the driving behavior data of car owners and uploads it to the background of insurance companies for analysis so that insurance companies can work out reasonable insurance charging policies for their customers.


Product Functions

Support GPS, GLONSS, LBS, and AGPS.

Provides the Bluetooth data service.

Data is saved automatically when the vehicle passes through a blind area and uploads the saved data automatically when the communication recovers.

Reports the alarm information when the device is unplugged.

Sends the alarm information when the vehicle battery voltage is too low.

Supports Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) upgrade method to ensure the optimum functions and performance of the product.

Sleeps automatically after parking, and wakes up, and works normally when the vehicle is started, which reduces the power consumption of the device.


Customer Value


Optimize the premium pricing mechanism: Insurance premiums can be customized based on the driving behavior data, which effectively improves the transparency of information between insurance companies and car owners, and reduces costs for all related parties (including the insurance fee and claim fee).

Improve claims management: Driving data can be used to investigate accidents and determine the insured’s rights to compensation, which provides a basis for insurance claims, and prevents fraud.