Application scenarios

It is an inevitable trend for traditional property management to become intelligent. Neoway has independently developed an intelligent and open IoT cloud platform. Based on the LoRa networking technology, it can connect a variety of sensors through gateway devices with edge computing capabilities and provide customers with a full range of smart property management solutions.


Customer pain points


Product advantages

Support access of massive devices: Users can freely configure platform resources according to the requirements of the scene.

Wide coverage: Spread spectrum technology can obtain processing gain and anti-interference. And the maximum link loss allowed is 170 dBm.

High security: Network layer adopts AES128 encryption.

Low power consumption: low hardware current, constant envelope technology, lightweight MQTT protocol, and dynamic power regulation.



Neoway Bluetooth positioning solution has been deployed and operated in hundreds of residential communities of Vanke and is the largest-scale application in China.

Neoway building facility system has been deployed in hundreds of projects of a large property management company.

Neoway digital firefighting system has been deployed in nearly 1000 projects of a large property company.