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Vertiv Liebert XD data center cooling system

Vertiv Liebert XD data center cooling system

Product Description

Belonging to Emerson Network Power, Liebert technology is known for delivering adaptable, efficient, and extremely reliable air conditioning solutions. Liebert’s precision cooling products are designed to offer the exact, year-round cooling necessary for sensitive electronics, safeguarding them against environmental threats such as dust, temperature fluctuations, and humidity.

Liebert’s Diverse Range of Precision Cooling Solutions

Liebert’s array of solutions encompasses standalone units, ceiling and wall-mounted systems for spot, room, and telecom shelter applications, along with liquid chilling systems tailored for medical imaging and industrial equipment.

Liebert’s Innovation in Data Center Cooling

Liebert has been at the forefront of developing innovative cooling solutions, particularly for high-density servers and switches. The Liebert XD family represents a breakthrough in data center cooling, offering unmatched flexibility and scalability. These solutions work alongside existing cooling systems, enhancing data center space utilization and energy efficiency. They enable a tiered cooling approach based on room temperatures, specific zones, or individual racks within the facility.

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