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Wear colours with tie- dye

Resisting colouring and dyeing is wholesome of tie- dye technique.  Twisting, pleating, floating and crumpling are practised on the cloth by fabric manufacturers before application of dye or colour. Spiral, mandalas with bright hues, monochrome look with muted colours etc. are the famous design and patterns in this tie-dye craft. Indian crafts and arts like bandhani, leheriya and bandhej are also a kind of tie & dye method to dye the fabrics. 



At fabriclore, you can explore all these motifs with fusion of different fabrics. We have a wide variety of tie- dye craft that includes corduroy, cotton, embroidery organza, dobby rayon, chiffon and many more. With this fabric, you can design shirts, maxi dresses, tops, tunic, suit, dupatta and pants etc. and be colourful just like your personality.