What Is An Led Color Change Lamp? How To Work?


LED Mood Light Factory     introduction: LED color light is the same as light and shadow, the color is also alive, it is flexible and colorful, affecting the space through appropriate transformation, and then affect people’s mood, but in most people, they are used to pale or warm in life. The monochromatic light, and the new LED color changing lamp, with dimming and toning mechanism, can produce the effect of changing the space atmosphere, giving an unexpected experience. The following describes the principle, composition and application scenarios of LED color changing lamps.

  First, the principle of color change

  The color change of the color change lamp is originally three kinds of primary color LEDs, respectively, when the two LEDs are lit, it can emit yellow, purple, cyan (such as red, blue, two LEDs emit purple light); if red, green, blue three kinds of LED When it is lit at the same time, it will produce white light; if the circuit can make the red, green and blue LEDs light up separately, separate lighting and three primary color LEDs simultaneously, then seven different colors of light can be emitted, the color changing lamp The external bulb should not be made of transparent material and must be milky white in order to better mix colors.

  Second, LED color change lamp composition

  LED color change lamp is composed of capacitor buck regulator power supply, LED controller and G, R, B three primary color LED arrays. Its shape is the same as that of ordinary milky white incandescent bulbs, but it will automatically change color at certain intervals after lighting. Green, yellow, green, purple, blue, red, and white light are emitted from the circle.

  Third, the application scenario

  LED color changing lamps are suitable for family birthday parties, holiday parties, Chinese New Year, add festive atmosphere to the festival, can also be used for entertainment venues and advertising lights, etc.: for example, the blue light illuminates the fresh and soft at 6 o’clock in the morning, the romantic lilac Reminiscent of good memories, warm yellow, lovely pink, easy green, suitable for comfortable scenes, home or commercial space without changing the interior decoration or lighting, you can match the color atmosphere according to your needs.

  However, the disadvantage of color-changing lamps is that the cost of controlling the color change circuit is high, and the life of the driving circuit is also a problem. At present, there are many kinds of solutions in the industry to cope with it, and it is expected that the LED situation lighting market will take off in the future. Will come.