After giving it a serious thought, you have been thinking of doing it yourself to save money, want to be a paint junkie, move to a new place and transform an old junk house into a beautiful home, etc. The reason could be the anything, but still one question that you’ve been wondering:

What supplies do I need to paint a room ?

 And suddenly, you are a blank slate at this time and giving up the idea of painting your room. 

But don’t you worry! We are here providing a check list for you :

Set up material :- before jumping to the fun part we need to prepare walls, patches, holes etc .  to get the best result. For this, you will  be required following things:

  • Spackle & spatula– Use to patch any holes.• Metal paint scraper – Use to scrape off any peeling or cracking paint (if necessary) before sanding.• Fine grit sandpaper – Use to even out rough texture and smooth down any bumps.• Mild soap & water solution – Use to clean any dirt or grease off walls before priming.• Painter’s tape – Use to tape off borders so paint doesn’t bleed into areas you are not painting; also use painter’s tape to cover hardware and outlets.  

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