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Wholesale Linen Fabric Manufacturer

Produced from flax plants , linen is a natural fiber. In order to make the fabric, you would be needing the fiber initially which is found in the base of the flax plant and has a smooth appearance. In order to manufacture fabric, it takes around 100 days to produce the fiber. In case the flax fiber turns brown then it can’t be used to harvest the cloth. The fiber stimulates a complex procedure in order to remove it from the stalk. As it gets removed, then it is transformed into the yarn. Furthermore, it is then manufactured into endless products such as beddings and garments.Woven with the combination of white fabric and colored warp and weft, Fabriclore’s Pure linen fabric comes with different toned shades like grey, blue, etc. Keeping it cool, the collection of 100 percent weave weight 250 gm per meter which is best for styling dangri, palazzo, kurta, and many more outfits.