Linen Ribbon Wholesale

Handmade, adorable natural look classic ribbon was made of premium material, light and very nice to touch, graceful drape would never forgettable.


Linen ribbon tape has the functions of temperature regulation, anti-allergic, anti-static and anti-bacterial. Besides, the linen fabric rolls is dry due to its good moisture absorption. Our company provides high-quality linen ribbon wholesale for customers to choose.


Description of Linen Fabric Ribbons

Linen fabric rolls can be used as a wedding bouquet, Soft, beautiful, and delicate. The ribbon is seriously so elegant. We provide high quality colored burlap ribbon, shiny and absorbs water evenly. As a natural linen ribbon, it has the advantages of flexible shape and low processing cost, which is conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection.


Size Options of Linen Fabric Ribbons

Width available:  1.5inches linen ribbon, 2inches linen ribbon tape, 2.5inches linen fabric rolls, 3inches linen ribbon wholesale, 3.5inches linen canvas roll, 4inches linen roll, 5inches natural linen ribbon, 6inches white linen ribbon, 8inches linen fabric rolls. Our company provides different linen ribbon tape in different sizes from 1 inch to 10 inches of linen fabric rolls, and can also be customized according to customer needs. Various sizes are available, welcome to choose our company.


Care Instruction of Linen Fabric Ribbons

no washing  2.careful for scissor using bleaching play for kids  

1.Test any cleaning process in an inconspicuous place. if you might damage the linen, test the invisible place, like the underside of the fabric. 2 When there is a stain, remove it immediately. 3. Don’t wring out your linen fabric hard to avoid fray linen ribbon. 4. Store your linen roll in a cool and dry place.


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