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WiFi Network Solutions for Home

Nowadays home architectural patterns are quite different and there are many walls and obstacles in the house. It is difficult for a traditional single router network to achieve 100% strong signal coverage of the whole house. And with the development of smart home devices, there are more good and powerful wifi routers for small and large home use. The demand for home network router has become obvious and significant from many aspects such as more terminal wireless access point controller for home, wider wireless coverage, higher internet speed, more stable wireless experience, and so on. As the leading wifi router supplier, we not only supply the most secure wifi router for home use but also provide wifi coverage solutions for the whole big home.

The Ceres solution of small home Wi-Fi coverage is as below :

For family users, Ceres can provide Wi-Fi4/5/6 related router products with FE/GE ports according to the user’s home broadband situation. Especially the new upstream and downstream MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies possessed by the Wi-Fi6 router will make your wireless access experience unprecedented.

The relevant models and specifications are shown in the table below.

The Ceres solution of big house Wi-Fi coverage is as below :

For large-sized home users, Ceres has launched the Mesh Wi-Fi router product. Using its Mesh Wi-Fi technology, it can overcome the problems of poor Wi-Fi signal coverage and low speed in large-sized homes, and customers can provide customers with a better Wi-Fi access experience. The mesh router of Ceres also can make a mesh connections with ONU which supports the EasyMesh protocol.



The relevant models and specifications are shown in the table below.



Features of Wi-Fi Solutions for Home

There are many implementation scenarios of wifi router for home use and the situation is complicated. The family units include small units, large units, small duplexes, duplexes, villas, large flat floors, etc. The communication cables in the home include power lines, twisted pairs, optical fibers, coaxial lines, etc., Obstacles include reinforced concrete walls, wooden doors, glass doors, etc. Therefore, the wifi solutions for home use have the following features:


1. Wi-Fi Solutions for Home achieves “no dead ends” coverage.


Home wireless coverage needs to solve the problem of signal coverage “dead spots” after wireless signals pass through home obstacles, causing high-bandwidth services to be unsmooth.


2. Wi-Fi Solutions for Home provides a high-bandwidth access point for home


Nowadays, operators’ broadband services are vigorously carrying out “speed increase and fee reduction”. “Gigabit home access” has become the mainstream. Wi-Fi router for home needs to ensure that high-bandwidth access at any point in the home matches the expected export bandwidth value and ensure network access. quality. At the same time, permissions need to be restricted according to the different broadband needs of different users to ensure users’ wireless access to broadband needs.


3. Maintainability and management of Wi-Fi router for home


The Wi-Fi router for home is deployed as an active communication device in the end user’s home, and the maintenance and management of the equipment are left to the user. This puts forward higher requirements for the ease of management and maintenance of the Wi-Fi router for home.


4. Wi-Fi Solutions for Home provides more business applications


The Wi-Fi solutions for home should carry more business applications to family user members, such as IPTV TV, OTT video, video phone, games, video conferencing/social networking, large file sharing, family private cloud, and other services.


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