Work From Home

Keep working from home efficiently & productively with Addasound headsets. Easy deployment &multi-connectivity. Addasound offers a series of cost-effective headsets for home employees, wired USB/UC headsets with multi-connections or wireless Bluetooth headsets with no wire limits. In addition, our wireless speakerphones keep you efficiently collaborating with your team or clients.


Crystal SR2731/2732

Value-priced Noise-Canceling USB Headset for UC Platforms

Epic 301-302: Entry Level UC/USB Headsets For Office

Economical and classic UC headset for CC&O and Home Workers

Crystal SR2831/2832

Premium Headsets for Contact Centers and Offices


Epic 501-502: UC Headsets With 3.5mm And USB Connections For CC&O

Stylish and Multifunctional UC headset for UC Platforms

Epic 511-512: UC Headsets With Double Microphone Noise Canceling For Extreme Noisy Working Environments

An Ideal UC Headset in Extremely Noisy Environments