2x600W Professional Amplifier


Two-channel stereo professional power amplifier;


New appearance design, standard chassis, suitable for standard cabinet installation;


A series of high-power amplifiers can be selected arbitrarily to meet different needs;


Three operating modes to choose from: stereo, parallel, and BTL bridged, with operating mode switch selection;


Individually adjustable volume for each channel;


Minimum load impedance of 4Ω for stereo operation, 8Ω for BTL operation;


XLR signal input connector (female connector) and XLR signal output connector (male connector) are available for flexible and convenient use;


The amplifier output has common binding posts and professional SPEAKON speaker sockets (only in stereo mode);


With short-circuit protection, DC protection, power on and off various protection and alarm functions;


Each channel is equipped with LED working status, low noise design;


Suitable for language transmission and sound reinforcement on many different occasions.


The panel with an LCD display shows the working temperature inside the machine at a glance