Second Sun offers durable 30W solar street lights for courtyards, walkways, corridors, and other places. Our street light with 30-watt power option is featured with small size, simple installation, Intelligent infrared control, energy-saving, and environmental protection. As the need for using natural resources rises, our 30W solar street lights can provide perfect solutions. The current international energy crisis is getting more and more serious, and the energy war is imminent. The earth is overwhelmed now.


Our outdoor solar street lamps use solar energy, so every time a solar light is used, it can reduce a little load for our Mother Earth. Customize 30W solar LED street light at competitive price! Contact now!


Street Light 30 Watt Advantages

Eco-friendly: Having great lighting effects, our 30-watt solar light cast no exhaust emissions. And since solar power is the main power source of the 30-watt solar street light, the power source of this series is theoretically inexhaustible and more eco-friendly to our mother earth.


Easy Installation & Maintenance: Just like other street LED solar lights produced by Second Sun, our 30-watt solar street light can also be installed and maintained easily.


Wide Range of Application: Providing stable performance even under harsh circumstances, our 30w solar street light can be installed in different places, such as highways, neighborhood streets, and so on.


OEM & ODM Available: As a professional custom solar lights manufacturer, Second Sun can design 30-watt solar street lights in accordance with your own needs.


30 Watt Solar Street Light Features

The service life of our street light 30-watt switch is more than 10 times that of the previous old-fashioned switch. The electronic switch is used instead of the old fuse switch, which is safer to use.