3D Aerial Rendering Services

Our 3D architectural aerial rendering service can provide one of best tools to the architects and property developers to show up their design as a whole. The viewers can have a general understanding to the project through aerial renderings. Aerial rendering is also very useful to create an unique perspective of how the proposed project can fit in with its adjacent surroundings. Aerial renderings can clearly describe the relationship between the proposed project and the surrounding context.


We use advanced digital technology to produce high-quality aerial renderings which can be used on multi-types of project, ranging from hotel, high-rise buildings, commercial complex, residential, to urban masterplan project. RGB-A, one of the reputable 3d archviz companies, has professional and skilled production team to ensure our quality of aerial renderings to meet the clients expectation and our delivery time to meet the deadline.


FAQ Of 3D Aerial Rendering Services

How Do You Define The Aerial Rendering/Bird Eye View Rendering?

Unlike 3d interior visualisation, typically, as long as the top of proposed building are visible, we will call such camera angle as aerial view.


How Is The Price Of RGB Aerial Rendering? Is It Same As Eye View?

Since there are more things which can be seen in aerial view than eye view, there will be more workload required to produce one aerial view than eye view. Generally, the price of aerial view is two times higher than eye view


How Long Will You Need To Produce 3D Aerial View Rendering?

Generally speaking, 7 work days will be needed to produce some aerial renderings, as well as other types of 3d rendering.


Can You Provide More Options Of 3D Aerial View Angle For Our Selection?

Yes, if you do not have a confirmed view angle, we can give you a few more options of camera angles for your selection.