3D Architectural Animation Services

3D architectural visualization animation is an expression art for a single building or building groups. If still renderings are the paintings of architecture, the 3d architectural animations will be video recordings for buildings which are going to be constructed. As a professional architectural animation company, RGB-A provides 3d animation interior&exterior house design services. And architectural construction animation by RGB-A can offer an immersive experience for viewers.


With advanced 3d house&building animation software such as after effects, RGB-A offers high quality architectural rendering animation with low price, thus reducing the cost for our customers. In our architectural animation, the building shapes can be fully presented, as well as the relationship between the site and the surroundings. RGB-A architectural animation can also help viewers better understand the design intent, and contribute to grow values of the project.


Types Of 3D Architectural Animation

3D Fly Through Animation


3D Walkthrough Animation


The Difference Between Architectural Animation And Video Recording


Architectural animation, made by architectural visualization firms, can include video recording clips as part of it. The 3D animation is virtual. It couldn’t be 100% real but it can be made most real as possible. A big advantage of 3D animation is that it can show people the project at any time before the construction starts. In the meantime, it can also make the project buildings stand out more from the existing environment, with any desired aesthetic way.


Know More About Architectural Animation: What Is It Used For?


Most projects need an animation. It’s a great way to transform the design concept and schemes into an immersive environment, which can be easily understood by the most people. With the aid of this, the potential value of the project could be largely brought out. So it is very popular with the developers as a great marketing tool.