Rear View Lens

Rear View Lens


Watch the moves in the rear


Sunny Automotive is the global pioneer in automotive rearview lens field and the first batch of rearview lens was in mass production in 2008. Sunny Automotive provides a comprehensive selection of rearview lens solutions to perfectly match the demands of reversing application.


Parking Is More Convenient, Driving Is More Safer And More Comfortable

The Rearview lens is mainly used for parking assistance applications. The rearview lens can restore the real reversing scene and help the driver to see the blind spot behind the vehicle to make parking more convenient.


Wide viewing angle avoids the blind area when reversing the vehicle;


Low distortion  provides a better realistic  experience;


Strong waterproof performance ensures a high-quality imaging effect all day.


Five Features of Rear View Lens Make a Better Experience

Sunny realizes cost optimization through innovation and balance in rearview lens product design, process design, and supply chain planning.


Powerful waterproof performance makes users feel free to wash their cars.


Special hydrophobic coatings are resistant to various harsh environments.


Excellent optical distortion correction provides a better realistic experience.


Excellent thermal compensation  & stable  FFL shift over temperature guarantee the high-definition imaging effect.


Subversive all-plastic rearview lens solution with great performance and reliability(Sunny Automotive has successfully completed the plasticization of the first lens elements outside the vehicle by optimizing the lens technology and design.