If you are interested and obssesive to clear furniture, acrylic furniture will bring you so many happy moments to your life. Acrylic furniture is both for indoor and outdoor use. Many celebration companies will set the dinner table with clear acrylic chair and banquet table to impress the customers. To match with metal alloy, acrylic furniture is more versatile and present more modern look.


Clear Acrylic Coffee table

With a weight capacity of up to 22 lbs , this acrylic lucite furniture is strong enough to support most items. With smooth edges and a slim frame, acrylic coffee table cab be easily slided under a bed or couch, storing effortlessly almost anywhere.


Acrylic Chair

TRANSPARENT CHAIR – Reinvent your surroundings with the iconic silhouette and transparent design of a chic modern armchair. Acrylic chair is used to inspire visually clean and creative dining or work environment. Acrylic Dining Chairs fit into any kind of home style. As contemporary acrylic lucite furniture, acrylic chair is versatile being used in dining kitchen room, living room, meeting conference office room, lounge, restaurant, cafe, etc.


Acrylic Coffee Table

Lightweight construction of the acrylic coffee table makes this tray easy to move. It’s foldable for storage and features side handles that make it easy to carry. This modern clear acrylic furniture can turn any space or room into the perfect little food and drink buffet.


Acrylic Console Table

Acrylic console table is one of the best clear mordern acrylic lucite furniture in small or dark interiors. The transparent acrylic material allows a lot of light to pass through, making the vision more open and bright, making the space look bigger, acrylic console table is especially suitable for small apartments.


Acrylic Stool

This transparent oval back barstool will bring modern design, elegance, and function to your home, restaurant, special events any space. With that makes a statement and will become your premier choice for both indoor and outdoor contemporary acrylic furniture decorations.