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Agricultural Vehicle Computer

Background introduction of agricultural vehicle computer


The current agricultural vehicle computer is mainly used to control the precise positioning and navigation of agricultural operation vehicles, realize automatic driving, and is widely used in various agricultural operation vehicles. As the control center, the on-board computer can achieve centimeter-level positioning through the built-in high-precision RTK module, and precisely control the vehicle’s travel through the vehicle’s CAN bus or electric steering wheel. The navigation application software can automatically plan the operation path, let the vehicle operate automatically, and greatly improve the operation efficiency.



Requirements for on-board computers


Waterproof and dustproof grade above IP65


High-precision centimeter-level positioning


Through the serial port, the CAN bus can be connected to the sensor externally


Vehicle-grade power supplies are compatible with various vehicle surge conditions


Advantages of PDS agricultural vehicle computer solution


IP65 waterproof and dustproof grade, suitable for use in harsh environments


Vehicle-grade master control, 64-bit processor, passed AEC-Q100 test


10.1-inch high-definition display 1280*800, visible in sunlight


Support built-in high-precision positioning module to meet centimeter-level positioning and navigation requirements


Hold dual SIM cards to keep the network stable and reliable, and meet the differential calculation requirements of high-precision positioning


Can support 2 analog HD camera monitoring at the same time


ISO7637-2 automotive power supply standard