Intelligent Device


Container Tracking

Conveniently installed in the container ventiLalation hole, Keep original container structure;Acquiring the location and status data of the container with Internet of Things technology, Optimize container management business


Reefer Container

Installed near the cooler controller, realize data interaction with the cooler controller through satellite positioning and cellular communication (optional LEO satellite communication), and monitor the process of


Reefer Container Monitoring System

It is used for intelligent monitoring of reefer container yard, Remotely inspect and automatically inspect the temperature of the reefer container and make a fault warning in time, Improve monitoring efficiency and management quality


Electronic Seal

Electronic Seal is a container-sealing product using the world’s unique serial number electronic chip to record the container-sealing number, container-sealing manufacturer number and other information, has anti-counterfeiting functions and one-time use characteristics.


Container Sales

The world’s leading online platform for trading containers, quickly find the type of container to be required


Support multiple business cooperation: the leasing service of new containers and that of old containers,the flexible of leasing cycle


Provide container insurance services, effective response for transportation risks


Provide cloud platform monitoring system, It tracks and analyzes container data in real time by using big data


A large number of top technicians provide pre-sales service and after-sales service to customers


Container Leasing

Provide container leasing in global,Online service reduces manual workload


Cover the global container location and cooperate with many domestic ports and international ports


It provides a variety of types and specifications of containers for customers to choose


The company uses top technology such as Internet of Things + AI to manufacture intelligence, efficient, quality container equipment


Provide customized logistics service and solutions for each customer