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CMIG New Energy

The project is a flat single-axis tracking photovoltaic power plant, part of solar tracker unit being our company’s products. After one year’s observation, power generation was significantly higher than other.


A Photovoltaic Power Station Project in Dalat Banner, Inner Mongolia

The large ground PV power plant project belongs to a flat single-axis tracking system with a capacity of 100MW. some arrays using our solar tracker control box’s power generation also was significantly higher than others, the successful verification of desert areas.


Sichuan Ganzi Photovoltaic Power Plant Project

The project is developed in the form of “photovoltaic+pastoralism”. The photovoltaic power station project is a flat single axis with a capacity of 200MW and also is a large ground power station. Our solar tracker control box and intelligent communication box are adopted in some arrays of the power station, and the operation status of the units can be monitored in real-time through the SCADA system.


State Grid Zhangjiakou Project

This is Zhangbei county’s microgrid PV power plant adjacent to Inner Mongolia, which contains two types of stents, dual-axis and titled single-axis. It has been running for half a year and all went well, and the system operation can be monitored in real-time through the SCADA system, which greatly lowers the labor cost of operation and maintenance.


Xinyi Solar: Anhui Yuguang Complementary Photovoltaic Power Station Project

The project combines fishery farming with photovoltaic power plants. Photovoltaic panel was set up above the fish pond, achieving farming and power generation in the meantime and enhancing the comprehensive production value.