AR Glasses

Goolton has designed four new types of products with AR in glasses with different functions and features to meet the requirements of different customers.


For example, as one of AR glasses manufacturers, Goolton offers the Latest AR glasses C200-S with a high-transmittance waveguide display, adjustable display, IP66 waterproof, Ex explosion-proof, 2M anti-drop. The Chinese AR glasses can be used in the security, Petroleum, and Petrochemical power and AR warehouse picking Industry.


Features Of AR Glasses

Free your hands and wear comfortably.

The first perspective display, high-definition camera.

The augmented reality prescription glasses are suitable for multiple scenes.

Superimposition between virtual and real, front-end and back-end implementation of collaboration.

Customized R&D for anroid ar glasses and waveguide ar glasses.

The hardware and system are compatible with each other, and customized application development.