Warehousing Logistics

AR Solutions of Warehousing Logistics

Smart logistics requires the combination of software and ar glasses to present visualized information in real-time, unified management of warehouses, including the registration and recording of goods in and out of the warehouse and AR warehouse picking to realize rapid real-time query and traceability of information.


By wearing Chinese AR glasses, all express delivery information will be displayed in front of the operator, which means augmented reality in logistics. AR glasses will help him quickly and easily find the location of the corresponding product in the warehouse to achieve virtual reality in supply chain.


The camera on the augmented reality prescription glasses can continuously scan any visible QR code or barcode, and then display its information in a 3D layer.


During transportation, ar glass as a tool of augmented reality in supply chain can provide a visual navigation display of routes in real-time and cargo status information to realize virtual reality in logistics.