Goolton has developed a variety of AR glasses designs based on augmented reality algorithms, including C100-S. C200-S, G200-E, M100-S, etc.


AR glasses can free hands, support a variety of interaction methods, and are comfortable to wear, allowing users to focus on the current operation. The smart Chinese AR glasses are also applicable to industrial scenes such as AR warehouse picking.


 As one of AR glasses manufacturers, Goolton offers types of augmented reality glasses for sale. Goolton has its own optical laboratory and has developed optical modules M2010 and M3043, which are light and thin, high in brightness, low in cost, and good in permeability.


AR Glasses

With suitable augmented reality glasses prices to choose, AR glasses based on array optical waveguide technology have high transmittance and portability, which can virtually combine virtual images with real scenes.


AR Optical Module

The self-developed optical module technology is more advanced, low cost, and supports customization. The transmittance of array optical waveguide is more than 80 %. Our model has larger FOV, smaller distortion and higher brightness than our competitors.


FAQs Of Our AR Glasses And AR Optical Module


What’s the difference between Lcos and Oled?

Micro OLED module has higher contrast and no light white background, while Lcos display is similar to a screen due to its low contrast. Lcos has higher brightness, resolution, power consumption and volume weight than OLED.



How dose the ar glasses work?

The ar glasses for sale consists of  the ar optical module, PCB board, and  typeC connected wtih a phone which support DP protocol. The phone can do date transition to server.



How dose the ar glasses get power supply?

The glasses is connected with an android phone which support DP protocol, and share power with the phone.



How to operactor communicate with AR glasses?

By Voice interaction and mobile phone screen projection, operator can communate with the glasses. Operactor can operactor by app screen which will show on the optical waveguide lense.



Do you offer SDK and OEM service?

Yes, we offer SDK for customer and offer OEM service according customer requirements.