Basic Situation of the Building Materials Machinery Industry

Ⅰ. Basic situation of the industry economy


In the face of fierce market competition, the building materials machinery industry has seen positive achievements in green, service-oriented and international development by strengthening technological innovation and enhancing competitiveness.

1. Accumulating scientific and technological innovation has provided a driving force for the development of the industry.

2. Product application areas and service functions have been continuously expanded.

3. The core competitiveness of enterprises has been continuously enhanced.

4. Multiple measures are taken to usher in the new pattern of international development.

5. Strengthening intellectual property rights helps the construction of strong enterprise presence.

6. Schools and enterprises work together to promote the development of the industry.


Ⅱ. Main development problems faced by the industry


1. The downward pressure on the economy has been further increased.

2. Market demand remains sluggish.

3. Enterprises have difficulty in collecting funds, leading to capital pressure.

4. The contradiction of industrial structure is outstanding.

5. Product quality and service should be further improved.


Ⅲ. Prospect of the building materials machinery industry


In 2020, the pressure on the building materials machinery industry has been further increased. Market shrinkage and profit decline are still the main problems besetting the development of the industry. Especially, in the face of the sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), both the industry and enterprises have suffered huge pressure. For example, a sharp slowdown in market demand, production, sales and logistics, as well as weak export, limited raw material procurement and supply after work resumption, insufficient workforce, shortage of funds, etc., have exerted a great impact on the economy of the industry this year.


However, with a number of support and assistance policies released by relevant national and local government departments, the difficulties brought by the epidemic on the production and operation of enterprises have been alleviated, which have contributed to boosting the growth of the market and enterprises.


Due to the epidemic, the economy of the building materials machinery industry has fluctuated greatly during the first half of 2020, and has gradually stabilized in the second half. If the COVID-19 epidemic can be ended at an early date, indicators such as main business income, total profits and others may embrace a slight growth.