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As one of the most personal spaces within a home, the bedroom needs to strike a balance between being both tranquil and chic.


Tip of bedroom customization

Many people feel that the bedroom actually does not have any function, is a place to sleep. Some small homes have limited space, just put a bed on the line. But in fact, the bedroom is the place where we spend the most time at home.


And when you think about it, “sleep” itself is not a mere need. Therefore, a reasonable arrangement of the space around the bed is the basis of our vitality and full of energy every day.


Starting from a clear definition of their own needs many people are buying furniture in the order of common sense, which should be put a bedside table, buy back, and then consider what can be put inside. But the correct logic should be, first think about what I need, and then according to the needs to find the furniture that can achieve it. The same goes for the arrangement around the bed. Before going to bed to undress and change into pajamas, brush the phone, thirsty to drink a sip of water; when you wake up in the morning will turn off the phone alarm, looking for the clothes to wear during the day to change. Of course small objects like glasses, watches, rings, etc. need a place to put them by the bed. The bedding that is not used when sleeping in bed, such as cushions and bedspreads, should also be put away. Some friends also like to work or play in bed, such as reading, doing crafts, playing computer games or something, and sometimes it is best to have snacks and drinks. So to sum up, the functions that must be available around the bed are clothing storage and miscellaneous storage. In addition, there are some personalized needs.


How to improve the happiness by bedroom customization?

Bedroom customization plays an important role in our life, which can improve the happiness.


I. the room color with natural freshness


Decoration color, the overall layout of the room, try to gray, light blue, light green, white and other mild colors. Enhance the light in the room, enhance the spaciousness and sense of space at the same time, help to ease the mood and help to improve the quality of sleep.


II. the floor


The room floor color should not be too dark, otherwise the small dust on the ground, small slag can be seen at a glance.


III. set a reasonable storage space


1. flat door closet open the door to take up more space, suitable for large space bedroom use.


2. sliding doors to save space, a variety of styles, suitable for children’s rooms and space for smaller secondary bedrooms.


If you do not have the habit of closing the cabinet door, or the room near the street, it is still recommended not to use the sliding door closet.


IV. blackout curtains


V. a comfortable bed


Human life, about one-third of the time will be spent in bed, the quality of sleep and the comfort of the mattress has the most direct relationship. So the choice of bed furniture can not only consider the style, mattress and bed frame must choose a good, of course, the bedding should also choose a good.


Height – the right height to enhance the comfort of sleep


VI. the location of the air conditioning placement – not suitable for the bed regardless of the night air conditioning blowing cold or warm air, its strong breath flow will seriously affect the sleeper’s peace of mind. On the one hand, the dynamic airflow of the air conditioner and the sleeper’s aura contradictory, unfavorable to sleep. On the other hand, when people sleep, the pores expand, air conditioning at night blowing wind, a long time into the human body, will cause head, shoulder, neck and other parts of the disease.


VII. place the appropriate green plants


Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Space color selection: Use cool tones to expand the visual area of space. The clever use of wall color can also make the bedroom visually show a large sense of space. Paint the wall color when not to paint it full will give the illusion of a sense of sight, look up will be jumping open than paint the whole color of the wall.


Furniture is a great way to change the combination of furniture to reduce the presence of furniture small bedroom to fit out a large space (i.e. spacious and bright feeling), the easiest is to start directly from the furniture. Whether it is to furniture slim or change the combination of furniture, can effectively reduce the center of gravity of the furniture, reduce the presence of furniture as much as possible to enlarge the space. The bed to choose a smooth and simple lines of thin-legged bed can make space under the bed, does not look dull congestion, easy to clean.


Bedside table: bedside table can be said to be the most suitable for thinking about the furniture in the small bedroom, there is no need to install the exact same two bedside tables waste of space.


Put a thin-legged simple small coffee table, small shelves, small chairs …… as long as you can put, can serve as a good-looking and does not occupy the bedside table.


Closet: If the bedroom has storage needs, then the closet is not less, want to save space looks spacious, you can start to change from the closet style, cabinet doors.


Closet doors: try to choose sliding doors to save space to open the door, leaving the width for the dynamic line will not be high on a walk.


Dresser, desk, five-drawer cabinet


These three pieces of furniture are additional conditions in the bedroom, generally in accordance with the actual needs of the arrangement. And for the small bedroom for can not put a few pieces of furniture, in addition to try to choose a thin small models, you can also combine them to form a dual-use models.


Bedroom Decor Ideas

Your bedroom is your refuge and should be your favorite room in the house. A place to rejuvenate and relax, it’s important to create an oasis that creates a sense of calm after a hard day. Whether you’re starting from scratch or investing in a few key pieces to give your space a mini makeover, custom furniture would be the best choice


Bedroom Decor Tips

Choose subtle color

Don’t overlook the ceiling.

Keep the bedroom simple.

Choose the right size custom furniture.

Have plenty of storage.

Include a private nook.

Indulge in luxurious linens.




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