• $120

Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer

Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer


  • Single pack commercial & industrial strength floor lacquer from Carver

  • Suitable for sealing high to very high traffic wooden floors and furniture

  • Self linking technology, deep penetrating, non glazing and fume free

  • Can be used to overcoat primed wooden floors or directly on the wood

  • To be applied in two-three coat system with 2 hours break between coats

  • 100% suitable for sealing sport rooms, complies with all EU anti slip laws

  • Available in matt, extra matt & silk matt finish, dries in 2 hours, feels silky

  • Suitable for indoor use, not compatible with oil based wood stains/sealers

  • It will cover around 12 sq meters per 1L, but it can vary from job to job