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Cassava Crusher

During the production process of fresh cassava, the crushing section is very important for the quality of final products, the cassava crusher machine for starch processing can crush the washed cassava into the slurry with uniform size and separate the residues from the cassava slurry, to improve the starch extraction ratio and starch purity.

It includes 2 ways of crushing, 3 steps of compressing, 4 times of washing, Several national patents owned, Extraction rate is over 98%. Low energy and high efficiency with fully automatically.  The cassava grating machine for flour or Garri processing can grate the washed cassava into a fine mash with uniform size and maintain the white color. cassava roots or slices enter the grater and are then grated into the cassava slurry between rotating nail roll and rotary drum while the engine is running with the electricity as power. Note: The grating drum and all food contact areas should be made from stainless steel. Especially for cassava, yam and yuca crushing. Characterized by using duplex two smash power, uniform particle size, the crushing process from time to add water or less, add water to avoid excessive scouring water and affect the quality and taste of the whole powder. And simple structure, convenient operation.


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