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Plastic Crusher

1. PC Series Strong Crusher/plastic crusher/crushing machine/crusher machinery adopts imported high-quality tool steel, special cutting-tool. The installation of the cutting tool can be adjusted. The cutting tool can be sharpened again and again, so its use life is very long.


2. The moving cutting knife stand is a step designed to make the cutting force resolve and increase the cutting force times.


3. The moving cutting knife stang material is T7A high-quality tool steel. Its hardness and softness are reasonable. It will not easily be broken or worn. It adopts a high-strength steel screw (8.8 grade) to fix it.


4. The main body of our plastic crusher machine for sale is Q235A thick-wall high-quality steel to prevent the machine from being used for a long time and affecting its mechanical performance.


Plastic Waste Crusher Machine Features


Rotor Locking Device: Ensures safety during maintenance when the hopper is in the open position.


Screen: Various screen sizes.


Lockable screen support frame: Robust frame to support the screen maintains the screen shape and avoids damage to the screen.


Optional Screw Discharge Chute: Material can be discharged from the collection chute by screw feed rather than air extraction.


Hydraulic Station: The pressure and timing can be adjusted to suit different materials.


Sound Proof: Cut off the noise effectively when the machine operation.


Bearing Seat: Protective bearing covers to avoid foreign contamination entering the bearing housing.


Hopper: Robust welded hopper with additional support struts to increase strength of hopper and prolong service life.


Versatility: Our plastic crusher machine is suitable for granulating and recycling various types of plastic materials, including various plastic products, large plastic lumps, and rubber lumps.


High efficiency: Plastic scrap crushing machine demonstrates significant crushing effectiveness on materials with high hardness, enabling efficient processing of such materials.


Customizability: Customized plastic waste crusher machine models specifically designed for glass fiber materials can be provided according to customer requirements, greatly enhancing the machine’s lifespan.


Reliability: The blade frame of QINGCHENYU plastic crusher machine for sale is made from a single-cut steel plate, resulting in higher strength and stability.