Ceramic Self-ligating Brackets

We are always looking for an orthodontic system that benefits both patient and clinic by providing aesthetics and comfort for your patients with faster treatment time for your clinic. The ceramic material can provide enough strength and durability as well as a translucent appearance that is unmatched by any other bracket system. Meanwhile, the self-ligating mechanism enables them to move teeth quickly with fewer archwire changes, shorter clinic visits and reduced chairtime. So the advantages of ceramic brackets are still obvious.


Advantages Of Ceramic Self-ligating Brackets

High translucency: nearly invisible to others, a significant advantage for career-oriented adults and socially conscious teens who do not want the embarrassment of wearing metal brackets and wires.


Faster results: a self-ligating system allows less treatment time, as much as six months less than a traditional appliance.


More convenient: without the ligation and controlled teeth movement, a self-ligating system also allows fewer appointments and less chairtime throughout your treatment.