Standard Ceramic Ferrule


What is a ceramic ferrule?

Ferrule plays a significant role in Fiber Connectors as well as Fiber Patchcord. With the characteristics of low insertion loss required for optical transmission, a low value in elasticity coefficient, excellent strength and high resistance to changeable environments, the ceramic ferrule is usually used in optical connectors.


Having the high durability and the highest levels of dimensional control, this kind of optical ferrules are available to all fiber applications designated in TIA/EIA-568-B.1 cabling architecture standards. Ceramic ferrule, which is essentially zirconia materials, owns brilliant control over the size. This kind of fiber optic ferrules enables efficient polishing with greater repeatable geometry and a finer surface finish. Proper fiber alignment in zirconia ceramic ferrules is assured through state-of-the-art precision molding/machining of the ferrule to ensure full contact of fiber ends.


T&S Standard Ceramic Ferrule

As one of the professional ceramic ferrule manufacturers in China, T&S sells a great variety of ceramic ferrules with consistent quality.


Ceramic ferrule manufacturer

Being made of zirconia ceramic, our Standard Ceramic Ferrules are well known for their highest performance and durability of all ferrule material types. It is usually used as sub-components in fiber optic connectors, in certain cases, it can also be integrated into various specialized applications.

As an experienced ceramic ferrule manufacturer, all of our ceramic ferrules are precision manufactured strictly according to rigid quality standards.

Our high precision standard zirconia ferrules are designed for high reliability and performance. Available ferrule types are SC, ST, LC, MU, SMA with flat, PC, cone, step, or pre-angled end-faces.


Standard Ceramic Ferrule FAQs


What is the core free grade B ferrule?

The connector made of this kind of ferrule can directly meet the requirements of grade B connector random matching without tunning. The grade B connector made of this kind of ferrule has great advantages in cost and performance.


How to detect the concentricity of optical ferrules?

Generally, there are two types, one is contact type (probe detection), the other is non-contact (optical detection). In the early stage, it is mainly probe detection. At present, the mainstream plug-in manufacturers use optical detection. Compared with the probe detection, the optical detection accuracy is higher, the IL correspondence between the selected plug and connector is better, and the secondary pollution can be effectively avoided.


Standard for ceramic ferrule?

YDT 1198.1-2014 technical specification of ferrule for optical fiber connector part 1: ceramic ferrule


How many grades are there in the standard fiber optic ferrule?

SM can be divided into three grades: A / B / C, in which A / B / C level fiber optic ferrules corresponds to grade A / B / C connectors. MM has not been classified.


What is the bending strength of ceramic ferrule?

SC / LC requirement > 1200Mpa