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China Industrial Magnetic Filters & Separators Manufacturer

Food-grade magnetic particle separators are massively advanced when compared to traditional applications of magnets to remove ferrous particles. According to the function of the magnetite filter, it also includes magnetic tubes, magnetic grates, magnetic boiler filters, magnetic drawers, and magnetic traps.


As one of the leading magnetic products manufacturer in China, Leyuan offers a magnetic filtration system manufactured in strict accordance with food safety standards for applications with demanding customers. Strong magnetic fields can remove nano-level ferromagnetic contaminants. These magnetically separated products are equipped with a high-intensity magnetic separator that can withstand over 13000Gs of magnetic force, and so they are widely used in magnetic separation, inline magnets for food processing, pharmaceutical processing, and oil and gas industries. Design and custom types of industrial magnetic separators for different industries. Contact us to get more about magnetic filter & separator price now!


Types of Magnetic Filter & Separators For Sale

Magnetic Tube

Magnetic Tubes remove iron contaminants to purify the material and protect the equipment. Our magnetic bar is TIG welded, sealed and fully waterproof. After 4 polishing procedures, the surface roughness reaches RA0.6 which fully meets the requirements of food and pharmaceutical production.


Magnetic Grid

Strong permanent magnetic grid, has 3-6 times stronger than ferrite magnets. It provides more than 13000G strong magnetic force separates fine ferromagnetic impurity particles, the product can be easily installed in the cone, square, round or irregular shape hoppers.


Magnetic Drawer

Magnetic drawers are made from magnetic grates in a 304L or 316L stainless steel casing. As one kind of popular magnetic separator, drawer magnets effectively separate ferrous particles. The magnetic field intensity of magnetic drawers is over 13000GS and so is applicable to all types of powder industries.


Magnetic Trap

LEYUAN permanent magnet magnetic traps, equipped with super-strong magnetic bars, are used to protect pipe lines and processing equipment. The magnetic trap adsorbs ferromagnetic dirt, rust and fine iron pollutants in the pipeline through magnetic force to ensure product purification.


Magnetic Boiler Filter

As a magnetic central heating filter bars manufacturer, we produce 20-50 thousands magnetic bars every year, which are used in central heating magnetic filtration system. Diameter: 10mm, 15mm, 22mm, 25mm, or customized as your request, Length: 90mm-2000mm, or customized as your request.