CLT-Q006 One Touch Cappuccino Coffee Machine

CLT-Q006 is the first model one-touch cappuccino coffee machine developed and manufactured by Colet factory, it is developed based on Colet’s 2nd generation automatic coffee machine system in 2013.


CLT-Q006 super-automatic coffee machine brews espresso, lungos, cappuccino, latte, hot milk at one touch of the function icons on the screen, and users no need to move their cup till the one touch cappuccino machine automatically finish a beautiful and silky cappuccino or latte. Its touch screen programming menu is easy to navigate, you can select your preferred temperature, coffee strength, milk ratio against espresso, auto power-off and so on easily.


CLT-Q006 is also as easy to maintain as it is to use, with its intuitive maintenance alerts, automated descaling cycle, removable brewing group which can be slid out of place and washed by hand, everyone can operate and maintain a fully automatic coffee machine easily.