Economy Touch Panel PC

conomy Touch Panel PC features fanless design and flexible I/O modification depending entirely on the requirements of your different harsh and comprehensive industrial application. In addition to the high quality, the price is also competitive.


Types of Economy Touch Panel PC

10.1 Inch All In One Economy Touch Panel PC

This economical panel PC is the smallest size in the economical series and can be used in the automation of the tobacco industry, solutions in the medical industry, self-service terminals, and in the robotics industry. Aluminum alloy panel all metal fanless design, more sturdy and lighter.


15.0 Inch All In One Economy Touch Panel PC

The 15-inch is a mid-size economical Panel PC, powered by the Intel® Bay Trail J1900 2.0GHz low-power processor, a compact fanless embedded system that provides high-performance computing. Front panel protection grade IP65, strong aluminum alloy shell, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports to meet various industrial applications.


18.5 Inch All In One Economy Touch Panel PC

The 18.5” Panel Series industrial PC is ideal for installation in coal mining automation, highway ETC management system. Aluminum alloy panel front bezel has a flat panel and is IP65. The waterproof panel PC is also dustproof, shock and vibration resistant as well as extremely rugged.


21.5 Inch All In One Economy Touch Panel PC

This 21.5-inch is the largest screen for economical Panel PC products, can be used for production line ERP management system, industrial field control system, very suitable for automation, intelligent application scenarios.


Features of Economy Touch Panel PC

Open-source OS


Android is the most powerful OS which supports millions of applications and games. It is an open-source platform which you can also do some modifications to meet your standards.


Convenience of development


Android OS is not operated by some specific developers like other operating systems, but it allows developers from all over the world to take part in their development.


The richness of hardware options


Android has the greatest edge of hardware, not applications. Android is available on a wide range of hardware, including stylus and wide displays, excellent battery life, or a physical keyboard. And you can figure out something more.


FAQs of Economy Touch Panel PC

Could this economy panel PC be possible to update RAM or ROM?


Yes it’s possible. For RAM, the extension could be up to 8GB while ROM could be up to 512GB. If you have ODM need, please let me know and we will have very strong research&development group. Best regards.


For some special application, we need RS485 port, could this economy panel PC be possible? If yes, how do we fix it?


We’re mine exploit company and we need to install PC in the excavator, if you could provide wider input voltage range moduel on the economy panel PC?