• $100

Conference Speakerphone

With lightweight and compact design, Addasound S300 is a portable Bluetooth/USB speakerphone which you can use to start or join a virtual meeting or enjoy the music no matter in the office, at home or in travelling. Although it looks small, it delivers powerful and outstanding sound with base enhancement. It also ensures clear and smooth conversation during conference calls without ambient noise. S300 is engineered for smart meetings, very easy to use and simple switch between PC and mobilephone.


Technical Specifications

Omni-directional microphone provides 360-degree voice pick up, allowing meeting attendees to hear and be heard clearly.


Small size of speakerphone but with enhanced treble and bass, delivering powerful and non-distortional sound for calls and music.


DSP and echo cancellation reduce noise and echo, making users focus on conversation without ambient noise.


Full-duplex audio allows two parties to talk simultaneously, just like a face-to-face conversation, real-time and natural.


Easy switch between PC (via USB connection) and Mobilephone (via Bluetooth connection).


Up to 12h talk time and battery saving design to turn off speakerphone automatically if without Bluetooth connection in 15 minutes when using battery power.


Plug-and-play connectivity with Bluetooth or USB-C, easy to set-up and fast to deploy.


Premium case for travel or home storage.


Noise Reduction Technology-See How It Works

Originated from Denmark, a country that leads the world’s sound technology, ADDASOUND is a global leading provider of voice solutions and unified communication devices. ADDASOUND’s products are designed and engineered in Denmark by a reputable team and now distributed all over the world. The professional team is enthusiastic and highly skilled in the industry. ADDASOUND always tries to provide the customers with the best experience of voice communication and guarantees the highest standard of reliability and quality.