Angekis are proud to present a suite of high-quality conference call speakerphone options covering small through to large spaces that deliver amazing sound at a fantastic price. Options range from our Cleartalk ASP-04 which is a single wireless conference call speaker that connects via a USB dongle via RF and is plug and play,  no complicated installations! With a range of up to 6 meters diameter, it’s the perfect USB meeting room speakerphone for small boardrooms and huddle rooms, and as a conference table speakerphone. It’s a portable speaker for conference calls, which is so easy to take with you on work trips. The portable USB speakerphone will give you a full days battery life and to recharge it you simply place it onto the wireless charger plate. No need to even plug it in!


Our audio solutions cover all bases with:


– Wired speakerphone solutions for small environments

– Wireless portable conference call speaker for clutter-free boardrooms

– All in one wireless speakerphone for conference room


For the larger environment, we recommend the Cleartalk Daisy Chain speakerphone which synchronizes to units together to give you a range up to 12 meters in length. The 2 units work seamlessly together and the wireless capability of usb conference call speaker keeps messy cables off your boardroom space!


For wired options, we bring to you the ASP-05 and ASP-10 which provide accost effective yet high-quality audio solution all plug and play with full 360 usb conference call speaker and audio pickup. Want to know more? Read on for details!


Angekis provides the best usb conference speakerphone with clear sound and high volume, suitable for all kinds of people to use. Never disappointed in any situation.


Best Portable USB Conference Speakerphone


Are you stuck on whether to buy or not to buy a portable USB speakerphone for your home or office? If you are talking yourself into sticking with your phone. Well, then know that the sound quality of a phone on loudspeaker cannot even be compared to the quality of a speakerphone. Angekis knows that very well, we take factors such as the number of speakers, the connectivity, the arrangement of the speakers as well as its design all influence the audio clarity of portable speakerphone. If you are looking for the best portable speaker for conference calls, you need to take audio clarity, sound proximity, hands-free capability into your consideration. Angekis Cleartalk series portable USB speakerphones have gathered all of these important features in one!


Best Wireless Conference Call Speaker for Conference Room


When you work from your home office, or a distant business trip, many times you find yourself having to multitask. Multitasking requires you to have at least one or both of your hands to be free if you are getting much done. Here is where the portable conference call speaker comes in to save the day by allowing you to handle other minor tasks even when you are engaged in a call. Angekis Cleartalk series conference call speakerphones are right to solve this problem. Cleartalk wireless conference call speakers take into consideration the audio clarity, hands-free capability, sound proximity, portability, battery life, bluetooth functionality, robust connectivity, and even speed to pair with your device in our conference call speaker design.


Wireless conference call speaker is also an ideal device for teleconferencing where you can have more people joining in a meeting. This saves much time as you don’t have to call each person separately just to pass the same information.