Classroom Video Conferencing Equipment For Education

Utilizing the most cutting edge technology, Angekis make classroom teacher lecturing easy with our classroom video conferencing equipment.


Features of Angekis Classroom Video Conferencing Equipment


Dynamic Startup (on the Blade series). Preset the camera to startup at the position the Teacher stands at the front of the classroom.


Auto Tracking Camera for Teacher Lecturing. The Saber Autopilot auto tracking camera for teacher lecturing can follow the teacher around the classroom with no need for any lanyard or dongle. Its cutting edge technology tracks via motions, shape and face recognition. It can track the teacher even when the teacher isn’t facing the camera or even if a person walks past.


Broadcast Camera. With SDI, NDI and IP technologies built into many of the Angekis models, our IP camera PTZ auto tracking comes ready and equipped for distance learning requirements.


Camera for Livestreaming. Nowadays many lectures are live-streamed for students to view in the comfort of their home. Angekis recognizes this trend requires a high-quality video and easy to implement web conference hardware that integrates perfectly with other live streaming technologies. It why we partnered with NDI experts Newtek to give you the best live streaming video options out today.